Workshop: Rocket stove and heated cob bench. 
Prindi leht  

During workshop we build rocket stove and heat absorbing massive bench. The goal is to build during 3-day most of the stove and heated bench.
The rocket stove has high temperature burning chamber (1000 C) that is connected to beautiful hand-sculpted cob bench. Instead bench are also possible to heat massive walls or clayfloors. Rocket stove can also heat the water or ovens.
The heated mass furniture is usually build with local clay (or powder), sand, straw, stones, pipes and red bricks. The general principles of rocket stove and the heated mass are simple, so the building process can be done with local community or with volunteers. The building time is very often 2-3 weekends and many tons heater is ready for service!
During the workshop we learn to understand effective burning by observing the fire. Before the stationary mounting we build burning chamber mock-up, where we see how the fire burns in the rocket stove. We also learn how to mix cob by foot (cob is mix of sand-clay and straw). We experience how to sculpt the bench with cob mix. There are also theoretical sessions, where are discussions about critical measures of burning chamber, pipes and the whole system.
The workshop instructor info

24-26-th July. Fee 175EUR, includes vegetarian food and camping (bring a tent).
Course official language is English. The place: Lithuania, near Kupiskis.

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