Forum method 
Prindi leht  
Transparent communication and the essence of life ,Forum training
February 17-20, Sänna, Võrumaa, Estonia
with Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker

"The world in it's essence is open and transparent. We as humans influence
the whole world (including Earth and ourselves) with our
hidden and unconscious thoughts. Have you ever experienced, that opening
up and expressing your thoughts can be a releasing experience that
supports you also in your personal development?
If you share things going on inside of yourself in a group where all
participants are like mirrors to you?
If you let yourself be, who you are, be genuine...
If you look and listen, how others reflect your true essence or a
situation you are in...
If you experience the other person opening up, being totally in the
present yourself..."

Forum is an artistic way of personal sharing in groups from 12 to 35 participants; a stage for whatever is happening inside ourselves. Here our true motivations, our deep feelings, longings, ideas and emotions become „public“. This focus on transparency, sharing and clarifying unsolved situations makes it an invaluable catalyst for one´s own growth. Forum is a personal process in a social context.
Because we believe that each of our personal issues are exemplars of a general human issue, Forum elevates these personal issues, by putting them into a common human stage.

During their courses Achim and Ina will practice different methods of creative communication with an emphasis on the ZEGG Forum process. This process work acts on the inner level to feel ourselves deeper and to learn to let the others see what is inside us and receive their feedback. In short:  raise inner awareness and create transparency. It can be used for staff training, for resolving conflicts by making them more open and transparent. It can also be used to grow personally in the mirror of others. Forum creates a space to experience social communication in a more intimate atmosphere of trust.

Trust is the key and the glue that keeps community together. Trust is created when processes in the community are transparent and understandable for all involved.
Empowerment happens for all involved with every person who shares his/her deep feelings and motivations in the centre of a group's attention. The more we learn to support each other in this openness the more the whole group grows in solidarity. And the more we open up we can learn that our our permeability is our greatest protection.
The universal communication of future communities seems to be a gentle and fearless contact between all beings of creation.

You are invited to learn to:
get to know the method of Forum and its underlying ideas/world view
get to know different ways to facilitate Forum (issue focussed, personal, action...)
train group communication skills
train deep inner listening and awarness
learn to walk your talk

ZEGG presentation
Healing in relationships
Deep ecology exercises inspired by Joanna Macy

Forum was developed as a method - and a space for the community to come together, during ZEGG’s own community building process over the last 30 years. It supports the growth of individuals and of groups. We integrate individual healing work within the process of building strong community. Intentional communities are birthplaces for the social communication we will need in the coming times of crisis.
ZEGG (acronym for: Centre for Experimental Culture Design) near Berlin is a community project and an international meeting point for a peace culture. It is dedicated to exploring the foundations for a non-violent way of living. Forum has been aquired and now is successfully applied in various intentional communities in Europe and to some degree also in the USA. Some of which are the Findhorn Community in Scotland and the Ecovillage of 7Linden in Germany.

This course will be facilitated by: Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker who have experience with the Forum for more than 23 years. They have been deeply involved in its development and have trained and supervised others at ZEGG and in Communities in Europe and the USA. Since 2007 they both entered a deep spiritual training with Thomas Hübl ( which broadens their communication and training skills. They see themselves as constantly learning to be more authentic in their lives and in their teachings.
Living in a community with a strong focus on love, partnership and friendship, the relationships between people receive their special attention during the process.

Ina Meyer-Stoll, (49) trained originally as a teacher, has been a peace and environmental activist from her youth, and has lived in community for more than 24 years. She was one of the founding members of the ecovillage ZEGG where she has been active in a various ways since 1991. For many years she was one of the executive secretaries of the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe e.V., (, which supports the implementation of sustainable communities in Europe.
She is a communications trainer and supervisor for almost 20 years, specialising in the process of building community, and creating transparency and trust in group processes.

Achim Ecker, (51) studied social work, was active in the 80s social change, environmental and non-violent direct action movement in Germany. In the USA he learned to be a trainer for non-violent action.
Since 1984 he has lived in the community that now resides at ZEGG. He has organized and focalized international youth camps around Europe. At ZEGG he is the chief landscape designer and eco builder and works with Permaculture principles. For the last 12 years he has been teaching Forum and awareness training in German and English.

Ina and Achim offer to share our deepening knowledge about spirituality, communication, love and 26 years of committed life in community.

Course language: English,  Estonian translation
Registration and cost:  Cost:  125 EUR. Price includes food (vegeterian) and simple accommodation facilities. For registration please send E-Mail: and send the deposit 40EUR to our bank account (Looduskeskus OÜ, Sampo Pank, Estonia, account nr 332086470005, ask International nr - ).This course is supported by SA MÜ (Metsaülikool).
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